Welcome to Chislehurst Caves – A Unique Educational Experience for School Trips from Welling

Venture into the mysterious and historic Chislehurst Caves for an educational trip that is as enlightening as it is memorable. Located conveniently close to Welling, our extensive cave system offers a distinctive learning environment that complements traditional classroom education.

Uncover the Past and Explore Science at Chislehurst Caves

History Brought to Life

  • With a rich history that dates back over 8000 years, Chislehurst Caves provides students from Welling with a direct link to the past. From their use in ancient times to their role as air raid shelters during World War II, the caves offer countless stories and insights into historical events and lifestyles.

A Natural Science Laboratory

  • Beyond history, the caves serve as an excellent natural laboratory for geological studies. Students can observe and learn about sedimentary rock formations, mineral deposits, and the natural processes that have shaped the caves over millennia.

A Commitment to Safety

  • Safety is paramount at Chislehurst Caves. We ensure that all pathways are secure, lighting is adequate, and all safety protocols are rigorously followed. Our experienced guides are trained to provide a safe and educational experience for all school groups.

Benefits of Choosing Chislehurst Caves for Schools in Welling

Curriculum-Supportive Tours

  • Our tours are specifically designed to support the educational curriculum. Whether it’s KS2, KS3, or GCSE students, we align our tours to support subjects like History, Geography, and Science, ensuring that our visits add value to your existing educational programs.

Proximity to Welling

  • Chislehurst Caves’ close proximity to Welling makes it an ideal choice for a school trip, reducing travel time and costs. This convenience allows for more flexible trip scheduling and maximises the time students spend engaging with the educational content of the caves.

Interactive and Engaging

  • We believe learning is best when it is active. Our guided tours encourage student participation, with interactive discussions, hands-on experiences, and engaging storytelling that help solidify learning and encourage curiosity.

Plan Your School Visit

Simple Booking Process

  • Organising a trip to Chislehurst Caves is straightforward. Contact us to discuss your school’s needs and preferred dates, and we will tailor a tour that best fits your educational objectives and schedule.

Pre-Visit Preparation

  • We support teachers with comprehensive pre-visit materials, including educational resources and safety information, to help prepare students for their visit and enhance their learning experience.

Stay In Touch

Follow Our Updates

  • Keep updated with the latest at Chislehurst Caves by following us on social media. Get tips, educational content, and updates on special events that could make your school trip even more rewarding.

Contact Our Education Team

  • For more information or to book your educational trip, reach out to our dedicated education team. We are committed to making your visit a success.

Embark on a journey of discovery with your students at Chislehurst Caves, where education comes alive in the darkness of the underground. Perfect for schools in Welling looking for an engaging, educational day out.