Chislehurst Caves

Miles of mystery and history beneath your feet


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Ideal for school visits the Caves are open all year, (the weather is no problem underground). The tours which last for around 45/50 minutes cover many aspects of the Curriculum, from simple Light & Dark, Rocks & Soils, Stone Age, Roman, Saxon right up to the Second World War, when the caves became one of the largest air raid shelters in the country. We are happy to liase with your Educational Visits Coordinator and will do our best to tailor the tour to suit your subject, World War Two tours are very popular!

Most of the Caves are unlit, and all of our tours are conducted by lamplight, the Hurricane Lanterns used for this purpose are very atmospheric and perfectly safe provided they are handled with care. Under no circumstances should the lamps be given to children.

School groups enter the Caves at fifteen minutes past the hour, please aim to be here on the hour, so that your group is ready to go in on time.

School/Chidren's Groups are charged at £4 per child (under 16) and we offer one free adult place for every six children, additional adults are charged a discounted price of £6 each, the minimum charge for a group of fewer than 15 children is £60. Visits should be pre-booked by telephone at least one week in advance and then confirmed in writing. Invoices can be provided on request, but payment is due on arrival, school cheques are accepted and should be made payable to "Kent Mushrooms Ltd."

Phone us on 020 8467 3264

Wednesday to Sunday between 10am & 4pm to book.

Should you wish to pre-visit before booking, please come along and join one of our public tours on the hour. If you ask for a receipt when buying your ticket, we will be happy to refund the cost of two tickets should you decide to bring your school along for a visit.

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday & every day during local school & bank holidays

(except at Xmas and the New Year)

Most school children will find the Caves a very exciting place to visit, however the tours should not be considered to be an adventurous activity, when treated sensibly the caves are perfectly safe.

Although most of our staff have some first-aid training, we do recommend you bring your own first-aiders, as they will have personal knowledge of the group. Young people brought to the Caves must remain under the care of the adults who bring them at all times. A Tour Guide's role is to educate and entertain, they are not qualified to supervise children.


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