Chislehurst Caves
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Chislehurst Caves

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This fascinating underground location of dark mysterious passageways hewn by hand from the chalk deep beneath Chislehurst is only a few miles from central London. It comprises miles of tunnels of differing shape and size. Filming dates back to the late 1950's with parts of Jazz Boat and Beat Girl being filmed in the Caves. In February 1972 the caves became the "Mines of Solos" for the six episodes of "Dr.Who ~ The Mutants" with Jon Pertwee. May and June of 1980 saw the caves became "a distant planet" for the feature film "Inseminoid". Parts of "Bliss", "Neverwhere" and "Randal and Hopkirk Deceased" as well as most of the subterranean scenes in the popular BBC series "Merlin" were filmed here. The caves have also been used for numerous short films and pop videos. Also the Christmas edition of "Wartime Farm" was filmed here on 19th October 2012. Most recently, Fungus the Bogeyman with Timothy Spall and Victoria Wood 2015, The Tracey Ullman Show II, Electric Dreams Phillip K. Dick (Human is) in 2016.

We have our own large free car park and can provide you with

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you are here ~ filming

The Caves & Cafe are open from Wednesday to Sunday and every day during local School & Bank Holidays (except at Christmas and the New Year)


We also have a Large upper car park that can be hired for extra location base and catering